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Posted in The Chefs Table by ftiess on the August 23rd, 2013

Thank you for purchasing this edition of The Chefs Reference Guide. We would like you to become familiar with the applications on the site in order to utilize the enhanced features. In addition to these videos there are three ways you can find the enhanced content in the book through a tablet or web device
Kno Saves Students Time

1.Linked Word-these will be underlined for quick access.
Embedded Text Link
2. Linked Area- these areas will have a icon pop up to announce where the link is located. There are links attached to the chefs hat image as well as embedded links within in the recipe matrix found on pages 33-158. To view these links simply click anywhere within the recipe to view the available links.
Smartlink within recipe
3. Smartlink Drawers- on the side of your viewable page there will be a links to web based tools, as well as related enhanced content.
Social Sharing

In addition to the linked enhancement please also view how to use the search function.
Advanced Search with Kno

You can write in your e-textbook, scratch down notes or make an adjustment
Kno Pen

Flashcards are available to quizzes and tests
Kno Flashcards
In the terminology/ glossary section we have included links to Harvard University’s Science and Cooking Series

Within the textbook you will notice links to videos produced by ChefSteps please visit their site to engage in learning about Modernist Techniques in Culinary Arts.

Please let us know if there is content you believe to be valuable to other chefs.
This work is dedicated to the Chefs who have come before us, for those whose shoulders we now stand upon, and to those who will one day stand upon our shoulders.

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