Reference Videos
How to fabricate a lobster
Shaping a strudel dough
Pulling Strudel Leaves
Preparing Crepes
Fabricating Cotelettes
Dressing a Dover Sole
Trimming an Artichoke
Fluting a Mushroom
Piping Duchess in a Coquille
Venison Noisette au Poivre
Modern Poulet Saute Fabrication
Sauce Gastrique
Fine Sliced Chives
Pomme Maxime - Pomme Anna
Vol au Vent - Bouchee Prep
Developing the Consomme Clarife
Basting the Consomme cake-raft
Trussing a Duck
Searing of Roasts
Shucking of Oysters
Pomme Chateau Shaping
Pomme Rissole Shaping
Cream Soup Puree
Poussin Roti Prep
Beef Tenderloin Fabrication
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